What if you could reverse your heart disease?

What I Do

I am a dietitian specializing in cardiac health, and I help women and couples with heart disease who are frightened they will have a(nother) heart attack or stroke break free of the worry and hopelessness, create a plan for reducing blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglycerides, and to start participating in life the way they want.

What Clients Are Saying

Laura was there when I needed help or felt like giving up! She gave me the tools and answered my questions every week. To date I have lost 46 pounds. I don’t need to take my blood pressure pill everyday, and my blood sugar is normal again.

I was feeling tired all the time and was wanting to lose weight safely while improving my diet. I decided to work with Laura based on her excellent reputation and experience.  In the 3 months I lost 18 pounds, lowered my A1C by 0.9 points, and was taken off one blood pressure medication!

I lost 10 lbs and my cholesterol went way down; it’s now in the normal range. I take half of my cholesterol medication, and I am more active than ever! Laura worked well with me and stayed on top of my Food Rx. I liked the great recipes too!

Signature Program

One Up Heart Program

In our exclusive 90-day 1-Up Heart Tele-Program, you will:

Get your customized Heart Food Rx, so you’re never confused about what to eat.

Learn your own nutritional status, and how to optimize your body.

Discover both food and non-food ways to manage, and possibly reverse, your heart disease.

Receive unlimited support from a cardiac dietitian to help you every step of the way!

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Laura Yautz, RDN

Email: Laura.yautz.rdn@gmail.com

Phone: 412-567-8335

Serving Pittsburgh and surrounding areas

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