Laura Yautz, RDN

I am a registered dietitian and health coach with over 12 years in practice. I’m married and have two wonderful children. And just when I think I’ve gotten everyone’s needs and preferences balanced with meals, it all changes! Even though I love to cook, I’m no stranger to the challenges of creating healthy, tasty meals day after day, without spending hours in the kitchen or being a short order cook.

I love trying new foods, being outdoors doing things like camping, hiking, and jogging, and I love animals (I was on track to became a veterinarian before I decided to change my major and become a dietitian!). To me, cooking represents love, and there is no greater expression of that love than to provide food that nourishes the body and is delicious!

I started Being Nutritious because my passion is helping women ditch the fads and gimmicks and lose weight so they can feel confident and free to live their life the way they always dreamed. I’ve learned that weight loss is almost never just about the food – it’s about so much more! That’s why our program helps you with all of it.

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Laura Yautz, RDN

Email: Laura.yautz.rdn@gmail.com

Phone: 412-567-8335

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